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The installation of the Dazen Hospital Elevator is designed to speed up the care of trauma patients and play a role in saving lives. They traveled at a speed of 600 feet per minute and the elevator was also large, 7 feet x 11 feet, so a seven-man trauma team consisted of two surgeons, two nurses, one respiratory therapist and two crew members, Plus up to 10 additional staff, can escort the patient to the operating room for care.

Hospitals can add elevators to improve patient safety and comfort and extend equipment life. Carry out modernization and carry out traffic analysis to ensure that the equipment has the capacity to handle the traffic flow. Other parts to be added include a stretcher for protecting the interior walls of an elevator car and a cab seat of a food car. The door operator converts the package to provide a smoother, consistent door opening and closing. Add electronic door edge protection to prevent premature closure. You can add emergency lighting, automatically open during power outages to keep the elevator car lighting, passenger safety.

Although it is almost impossible for tourists to hover around the hospital, but only for the patients and employees to use a specific elevator bank, can reduce some congestion, and make patients feel more comfortable. Patient privacy may be affected when grouped with visitors in an elevator. You may consider using a card reader system to securely access the selected elevator to prevent external use. If you choose to reserve an elevator for your staff, make sure they are central elevators. If nurses and doctors have to walk more elevators, the added efficiency will be reduced. Placing an elevator in each bank may be a big compromise. Elevator China:

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